Our story

LIC came to life when a group of musical friends from different countries decided that their singing get-togethers were  too unique to stay hidden in someone’s living room and formed an official group.

In January 2014 Lara Schadt and Benjamin Alexander Froehlich started an a cappella choir called London International Choir (LIC). Under Benjamin’s baton, LIC steadily grew.

Dan Willis, an actor, musician and composer, worked with the choir between 2014 and 2016 and when he relocated to Manchester in 2016, Paul Devlin, a composer, orchestrator and arranger, joined the ranks.

Benjamin and Paul worked in tandem between 2016 and 2018 when life took both of them on a different career path – and in Paul’s case to a different country. They left the choir in very capable hands of Julian D. Mohr, whose arrival marked the beginning of a new era for LIC.

Julian is currently the Music Director of LIC and works relentlessly to make the choir one of the best international a cappella choirs in the country.